• Airhandling units phase-2/3 tunnels
  • White button Mushrooms
  • Mushroom doors
  • Airhandling unit mushroom growing
  • Mushroom growing racks
  • Picking platform
  • Mushroom filling doors
  • VEC-41 computer system
  • Airhandling phase-1 bunkers

Growing racks

Dalsem Mushroom Projects can offer you first quality mushroom shelving and as one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium products in the agricultural industry against a very competitive price.
We can also supply you with galvanised steel racks.

Our racks are available for all applications and in various dimensions and designs such as:

  • for hand picking and mechanical harvesting
  • all number of shelves
  • with sturdy side boards
  • with or without picking lorry rail or hoisting beams
  • with stainless steel fastening materials
  • supply of an easy and clear assembly instruction
  • delivery up to your farm possible
  • spare parts available
  • supervision during assembly if required.


Growing racks
Growing racks
Growing racks
Growing racks



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