• White button Mushrooms
  • Mushroom doors
  • Airhandling unit mushroom growing
  • Picking platform
  • Airhandling units phase-2/3 tunnels
  • Airhandling phase-1 bunkers
  • Mushroom filling doors
  • Mushroom growing racks
  • VEC-41 computer system

25 years work anniversary

Working for 25 years is certainly something to celebrate.

Today, Hans Menting, our climate computer control software engineer is working 25 years for Dalsem Mushroom Projects! We all at Dalsem Mushroom Projects like to congratulate Hans with achieving this milestone.

If you like to send him your anniversary wishes please feel free and send an e-mail to: info@dalsemmushroom.nl att. Hans Menting.

Dalsem Mushroom Projects

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Working for 25 years is certainly something to celebrate

At Dalsem we are very proud to announce that we are a