• Airhandling unit mushroom growing
  • Mushroom filling doors
  • Picking platform
  • Mushroom growing racks
  • VEC-41 computer system
  • Mushroom doors
  • White button Mushrooms
  • Airhandling phase-1 bunkers
  • Airhandling units phase-2/3 tunnels


Dalsem can assist you in preparing realistic financial and technical plans for your specific situation.
We specialise in the all the aspects of the mushroom business such as:

- Phase-1 Composting
- Phase-2 and Phase-3 Tunneling
- Mushroom growing

When planning for a new project or an extension of your existing mushroom faciltity please feel free to contact us for assistence.



Working for 25 years is certainly something to celebrate

At Dalsem we are very proud to announce that we are a