• VEC-41 computer system
  • Mushroom doors
  • Picking platform
  • Airhandling unit mushroom growing
  • White button Mushrooms
  • Airhandling units phase-2/3 tunnels
  • Mushroom growing racks
  • Mushroom filling doors
  • Airhandling phase-1 bunkers

Composting Phase-1

Changes in environmental legislation are imposing ever-increasing emphasis on emission control. The Dalsem Mushroom Projects indoor composting technology for Phase-I fermentation is a guaranteed response to these changes.

Our Phase-I indoor composting combines all the mixing equipment, moisturising, and fermentation in compliance with the most stringent requirements. The closed vessel composting is placed inside a completely enclosed building that is kept under a constant negative air pressure. No air, water, or noise emissions can be emitted without going through a series of scrubbers, filters, and the like.

In order to meet the demand with a lower available budget, Dalsem Mushroom Projects also supplies integrated outdoor composting for Phase-I in open-bunker or on aerated floor, both with completely controlled air-distribution.

Dalsem ; composting phase-1
Dalsem ; composting phase-1
Dalsem ; composting phase-1
Dalsem ; composting phase-1
Dalsem ; composting phase-1



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