• Airhandling units phase-2/3 tunnels
  • Mushroom growing racks
  • Mushroom filling doors
  • Picking platform
  • White button Mushrooms
  • VEC-41 computer system
  • Airhandling unit mushroom growing
  • Mushroom doors
  • Airhandling phase-1 bunkers

Aojite Mushroom, China

In 2012/2013 Dalsem supplied equipment for 11 Phase 2/3 Tunnels of 200 Tons to Aojite Mushrooms in China.

Previously Dalsem supplied to Aojite Mushrooms:

2012: Miscellaneuos equipment for 48 Growing rooms of 338m2

2013: Miscellaneuos equipment for 11 Growing rooms of 370m2

Aojite Mushrooms Tunnels
Aojite Mushrooms Air Handling
Aojite Mushrooms Empty Hall Tunnels



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